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My wife and I are both from Texas, and she will tell you that I will try to wrap pretty much everything in a tortilla. But due to a history of diabetes in our family, we are very careful about the foods we eat, and flour tortillas was one of the foods we had to remove from our list because most are made with unfermented or enriched wheat flour.

So we begin looking for a healthier alternative, and learned about the health benefits of sourdough bread, In fact we discovered that the original flour tortillas and flatbreads were made from sourdough!   But we could not find sourdough tortillas, so my BEAUTIFUL wife started making them from scratch and they were delicious! 

What sets our sourdough tortillas apart is the long fermentation or "resting" period of our dough before cooking. The fermentation process reduces the gluten content and enhances the bioavailability of nutrients in the flour. It releases more fiber, which can in turn help gut health.  Our tortillas contains more B vitamins and minerals than whole grain tortillas that have not been fermented. Most importantly, fermentation produces acetic acid, which makes them an ideal diabetic food.

Unfortunately this ancient method of bread making has all but been eliminated in the U.S. baking industry.  

This is why we started Paz Sourdough Tortillas. Our tortillas are made with stone ground and cold milled whole wheat that's unbleached, and unbromated, filtered water and olive oil.  Next we naturally ferment our dough for over 24 hours to produce a sourdough tortilla that not only taste better but are the most nutritious flour tortillas on the market today! 







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